Introducing The National Living Wage

As you may be aware from recent media coverage The National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Regulations 2016 (“The Regulations”) come into force on 1st April 2016. The Regulations introduce the National Living Wage, a minimum hourly rate of pay calculated to reflect a level of income households need for a minimum acceptable standard of living. The… Read more »

Posted 29-Jan-2016

Oh Holy Night…

The Christmas Party season is fast approaching!  We’ve no doubt that you are looking forward to donning your novelty Christmas jumpers and Santa hats to embark on a fun night out with your staff and colleagues. Whilst office parties often serve to build relationships and camaraderie in the work place sometimes the hangover can extend… Read more »

Posted 01-Dec-2015

Working Time

The question as to what constitutes ‘working time’ for employment purposes is an ever recurring issue facing Tribunals, not only in Great Britain and Northern Ireland but also across Europe. This question has been considered in two recent cases of Shannon v Rampersad & Rampersad T/A Clifton House Residential Home heard in the Employment Appeal… Read more »

Posted 03-Nov-2015

National Living Wage

From April 2016, the government will introduce a new mandatory National Living Wage (NLW) for workers aged 25 and above, initially set at £7.20 – a rise of 70p relative to the current National Minimum Wage (NMW) rate, and 50p above the increase coming into force in October. That’s a £1,200 per annum increase in… Read more »


Holiday Pay….and now Voluntary Overtime?

Further to our blog on this subject on 4th November 2014 Holiday Pay – Northern Ireland case considers voluntary overtime in holiday pay calculations On 17 June 2015, the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal heard Patterson v Castlereagh Borough Council. This is latest case in the ongoing holiday pay calculation saga. The facts relate to… Read more »

Posted 25-Jun-2015

CIPD NI HR Consultant of the Year 2015

Christine Swail, People Management Solutions commented “I am very proud to have received such a prestigious award in recognition of how we have worked collaboratively with our clients in addressing strategic HR issues. We would like to thank our clients for all the support they have given us – without them the success and growth… Read more »

Posted 15-May-2015

The Work & Families Act (NI) 2015

As of 5th April 2015 one of the most complex sets of regulations that employers have ever had to handle come into force in GB and NI. The implementation of shared parental leave and pay, which provides greater flexibility for parents to care for a child throughout its first year is the most significant of… Read more »

Posted 05-Apr-2015

Employment Appeals Ruling on Overtime and holiday pay

What does the EAT ruling on overtime & holiday pay really mean? How will employers and employees be affected by this long awaited legal decision? This comprehensive article from the BBC website looks at the range of potential impacts of the landmark EAT ruling on holiday pay & overtime for employers, employees and business in general.  

Posted 04-Nov-2014