Conflict is an everyday fact of life – in the workplace, it can impact negatively on individuals, teams and organisational efficiency unless it is handled in a constructive way.

Workplace mediation is a professional and alternative approach to assist our clients in resolving disputes. Mediation is cost effective and at an early stage, can prevent conflict spiralling and becoming entrenched. It is recognised as an effective business tool and through its cathartic effect, can help individuals identify the underlying issues in any conflict (thereby giving the best possible chance of success).

We provide mediation in all types of workplace disputes including interpersonal differences or when attempting to restore working relations after a formal investigation has taken place, when no or insufficient evidence of guilt has been found and people need to continue to work together in a respectful, professional manner. Our trained mediators are happy to talk through (in confidence) the factors that may indicate the suitability of mediation for any particular situation.


Workplace Investigations

Sometimes difficult relationships have reached a stage where they require a formal investigation as part of your internal grievance or dignity at work procedures.

An employee may feel that earlier requests for unwanted and inappropriate behaviour to cease have not been heeded. Maybe a situation is serious and requires your immediate intervention to protect the mental health and the safety of others. Perhaps you are concerned about your liability to your customers.

Our team of highly experienced Investigators carry out independent investigations into complaints of bullying and/or harassment in the workplace. These Investigators are experienced in sensitive questioning of those involved, have learned techniques for establishing the truth, know the law, and write clear and concise final reports. They enable the Line Manager responsible to take subsequent action with confidence and consistent with your own policies and procedures.